Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What Is The Difference Between Bifocals and Progressive Eyeglasses?

Are you shopping for eyeglasses? During your search for a pair of glasses you might encounter unfamiliar terms like bifocals and progressive lenses. This may be very confusing especially for first timers, but understanding the difference between these two will allow you to better pick which one is best suited for you. Aren’t all glasses the same? Aside from the prescription of the glasses given by your optometrist, you still have the option between bifocals and progressive lenses. The lens of your eyeglass is actually divided in order to anticipate and suit your vision needs. Having bad vision does not necessarily mean that your eyes are blurry all the time. Some people would only have difficulties when looking at near things, while others struggle with far ranges, and of course there is the intermediate vision which we mostly use in our daily lives.


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