Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Excellent Eye Care is Essential for High-Stakes Construction Tasks

Construction sites often have tower cranes to aid work crews in putting the structure together. The cranes are controlled by a single operator inside a booth at the crux of the crane. The problem, however, is that the operator may need help for vision problems while trying to handle everything, even when there’s a supervisor guiding the placement of the crane’s load. Project managers and crane crews in Indianapolis will be familiar with the importance of cranes and the risks in operating one. The recent construction season in the city saw the Department of Public Works mobilizing its fleet of cranes, backhoes, and other construction equipment, to effect around $126 million worth of repair work and new projects. If you’re a crane operator with troubled eyesight in the pursuit of your duties, seek help at a local eye care practice, such as Moody Eyes.


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