Friday, June 19, 2015

Trusted Indianapolis Eye Doctors and the Proper Eye Care this Summer

Everyone’s looking forward to summer and participating in outdoor activities, be it sunbathing on the beach, swimming in pools, or spending the night camping. These summer activities, however, can pose a risk to your eyes if you aren’t able to give them proper care. This summer, trusted Indianapolis eye doctors explain the common eye problems that might come your way and explain the best ways to prevent these from happening. Eye Problems during the Summer months A common eye problem experienced by many people is conjunctivitis or sore eyes, which, as the name suggests, makes the eyes appear red. People with conjunctivitis may also feel a pricking sensation in their eyes, along with discharge and watering. Conjunctivitis can be contracted and easily spread among other people if good hygiene is not maintained. Antibiotic eye drops and eye ointments may be prescribed by an eye doctor, but should only be used under medical supervision.


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