Friday, June 5, 2015

Skilled Indianapolis Eye Doctors Can Help Diagnose and Treat Glaucoma

It can be terrifying how vulnerable your eyes can be. There are many eye conditions that threaten how effective your eyesight is. Among these is glaucoma; studies show that around half of the people with glaucoma don’t know that they are suffering from it. This is where experienced Indianapolis eye doctors come in, as they can help detect glaucoma before it becomes untreatable. To understand how eye doctors around Indianapolis like Dr. Moody of Moody Eyes would be able to help, you’ll have to learn about how glaucoma affects your eyes. The condition damages the optic nerve via placing increasing pressure on it. This pressure comes from the liquid in your eyes (the aqueous humor) having difficulty leaving the area; the more the fluid builds up, the heavier the pressure is on your optic nerve.


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