Friday, October 30, 2015

Fond of Eye Makeup? An Eye Doctor Says Use Them with Care and Caution

Women–celebrity or not–rely on mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner to make their eyes look dramatic wherever they go. Eye cosmetics, in general, are considered safe, as long as you use them as directed. Otherwise, you might unknowingly be doing gradual damage to your eyes. How Makeup Harms the Eyes Surprisingly, a number of makeup wearers fail to check the instructions on their mascaras and see how long they should keep them on for. Keeping them on for more than the recommended time makes an infection on the eyelids more likely, leading to problems not only with your eyelids, but also with the eye’s tear film or even in the eye itself.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Eye Care Basics: Pointers for Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Face Shape

You’ve likely caught wind of a pair of glasses you really liked, and since then you’ve always wanted to try them on. When you do try them on, though, you find out they’re not exactly a looker on you, then you start grumbling on how the spectacles “fooled” you. They didn’t. The frames didn’t suit your face perfectly, that’s why they looked off. Yes, part of a typical eye care routine is getting technical about face shape and frame style compatibility. Why? The answer is simple. Should your face shape and structure lack a few features, your eyeglass frames should fill in for them.