Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Allies of Opthalmologist in Indianapolis Now Offers PSF Refractor!

In our commitment to bring topnotch professional vision care, we are now offering the PSF Refractor from respected eye care solutions provider, VMax Vision, in our Southpointe Office and eventually in our Downtown location. As your trusted optometrist that works side-by-side with an opthalmologist in Indianapolis, we decided to carry this new product to aid people who require a more accurate prescription. The PSF Refractor is a revolutionary product that features remarkable prescription that enhances office efficiency, something that people who have some of the most demanding office tasks such as paperwork, reports, and data analysis, will significantly benefit from. This breakthrough product in subjective refraction is proven by a refraction data that is measured in 0.05D increments, which means it is five times better than the phoropter's numbers of 0.25D. In other words, your vision will be better than 20/20!


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